July 20th, 1881 Off the coast of Spain

“July 20th, 1881 by Ernestine Hassenstein

After a sea voyage of six days from Glasgow to Gibraltar, where we arrived today at 3 P.M., I was delighted with the scenery of the Bay. Nothing of importance happened during the passage. For two days I suffered from sea sickness during which time I never expected to recover; but strange to say I got over it very soon and could take my meals with great relish. After leaving the coast of England we sighted first the coast of Portugal and passed close to Cape St. Vincent, a rocky promontory with a lighthouse and a monastery on the top of it. Papa showed me the place where two years ago of one of the Hall Line steamers was lost with part of her crew and passengers. We also saw here two whales spouting. At last we sighted the coast of Africa and passed close to Cape Spartel. Now we entered the Strait of Gibraltar, having the coast of Spain on our left hand and soon we saw the Rock of Gibraltar…..”


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