July 20th, 1881 Continuation

“….The bay is a fine sight and full of coal hulks and steamers that call here to get fuel. We went along side of the hulk Shamrock belonging to the Anchor Line and made the ship fast to her. Captain Livingstone came on board and after being introduced to him we all went ashore in a small sailing boat, a distance of about two miles. There was some sea and the boat rolled and pitched a great deal; yet I did not get sea sick. After landing we had first to report ourselves because no traveler is allowed to enter the town without permission and they all have to leave before sunset. We then went to the fruit market and ordered some fruit. After that we wanted to get some flowers but we could not as it was in the afternoon and they had all withered. We now passed through the gates where we saw our British red coats on guard and entered the town. The streets are rather narrow but peopled with a great crowd. There we saw Spaniards and African’s in their national dresses……”

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2 Responses to July 20th, 1881 Continuation

  1. anievan says:

    All these diaries you document are a gift of voices now past. Thank you SO much for sharing them.

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