July 20th, 1881 Continuation

..We called first at our office where we were received very kindly. When papa had finished his business, Captain Livingstone took us for a walk to the Alameda. This is a public promenade to be found in every Spanish town where people go in the cool of the evening and listen to the music which is provided by the town. There are some nice gardens connected to it with beautiful flowers. There is also an artificial grotto in imitation of basalt with a great many entrances, seats and a drinking fountain. It being very warm we did not like to stay too long ashore so we returned to the town. I have forgotten to state that the town is situated on the western side of the rock which rises behind it quite perpendicular. The streets lie in terraces and from a distance it looks very well. After we had taken some refreshments we went to the landing quay and embarked in our boat but the wind being ahead, Captain Livingstone engaged a small steamer to tow us off and we preferred going on board that steamer; but were soon very sorry for it because she rolled a great deal more than the boat…….”

 (Sally here: Check out this fabulous web site. It’s actually about a Reverend who authored several travel logs and one was about Gibraltar in the 1880’s; just about the time Ernestine was there. Can you imagine seeing Gibraltar in 1881, much like the first picture you’ll see on this sight. There are other great engravings too; including the “Alameda” she talks about….)


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