July 20th, 1881 Continuation

(Sally here: I’M BACK. As with all of us the holidays have kept me very busy. I just got back from a trip to Leavenworth Washington. I’ve been taking my 4 children, spouses and now my grandbaby there for years to celebrate Christmas. If you’ve never been there it’s absolutely amazing during the holidays. We had 2 feet of snow and felt like we were in a Norman Rockwell painting. When my husband died 4 years ago we all said we couldn’t go back as our hearts were still grieving over our loss. Well, this was our first year back since he died and it was such a blessing. Happy New Year to you all! I’m now back adding regular entries from my diaries; or I should say from Ernestine’s diary…..)


 “July 20th, 1881 Continuation

…After we had taken our tea on board the Acadia we went on board the Hulk, where we wee very hospitably received by Captain Livingstone. He has very large cabins nicely furnished; beds with mosquito curtains and a piano on which I practiced a little. We stayed on board till half past nine then we went back on board the Acadia and the discharging of the cargo being finished we left at ten o’clock for Genoa.”

 (Sally here; I tried to find a photo of Genoa about the time Ernestine was there and sure enough I found a birds-eye-view of Genoa in 1881. It’s on Art site but still gives you a good idea.)


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