July 24th, 1881

 “July 24th, 1881

Sailing along the coast of Spain we had fine weather till we reached the entrance of the Gulf of Lyons, after having passed the Spanish Islands Iviza and Mallorca. Here we encountered headwind and head sea and I am sorry to say, I got seasick again, but only for a day and I was not so very seasick after all. Yesterday afternoon I went on deck and saw large waves rolling over the ship. Nevertheless I was not frightened; I rather enjoyed it, especially as Jack (that is our dog) was dreadfully terrified, whenever he heard and saw the waves washing over board. He then took his tail between his legs and retreated to the cabin. At last we sighted today the French coast and soon we passed the roadstead of Toulon, one of the principal naval harbors of France and Hyeres, a place much frequented by consumptive people with the Islands of the same name lying close to it. I forgot to mention that when at Gibraltar, Captain Livingstone presented me with a parrot, which, at first rather wild, now begins to become more tractable and soon will be, I hope, quite tame.”

 (Sally here: I couldn’t find a photo or engraving of Toulon in 1881 but did find a fabulous engraving from 1865. Now that’s 16 years earlier but still a beautiful vintage picture of the harbor)


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