July 25th, 1881

“July 25th, 1881

This has been a very long day and we have seen a great many things. But to begin with: Early in the morning we were awakened by the stopping of the ship and very soon we could see land close to the ship through the porthole in our stateroom. So we dressed in haste and rushed on deck. Here a splendid view met our eyes. We were right in the entrance of the harbor. To the right we had part of the town lying on a steep headland. Before us to the left was a high lighthouse with some large buildings close to it. We soon went into the harbor and to an anchorage. The harbor consists of a pretty bay, sheltered to the north by high mountains and seawards by breakwaters. They are extending the harbor at present. Five years ago one of the richest noblemen of Genoa died and left a legacy to the town of twenty million of francs, equal to 800,000 pounds stg. for the purpose of extending the harbor; this man who was the Duke of Galera also left two palaces. Yet his widow and his only son are very rich. After the ship was moored, Papa had to go in a boat to the Health Office with his papers to get pratique, that means to get permission to communicate with the town, provided there is no infectious sickness on board. Here in the Mediterranean ports the sanitary laws are very strict, which is quite in order, considering that we are not far from Egypt where there is cholera. Of course we got pratique and soon afterwards letters from our dear mama, the first she wrote to us after we left Glasgow…..”


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