July 25th, 1881 Continued

“July 25th, 1881 Continued,

After breakfast we went ashore. Here we saw first all the bustle of a large custom house (Dogana) and could we scarcely get a room to pass into the town. The houses are very large for which reason they call Genoa the town of palaces. The Italians call it “Genova la Superla”. As usual papa had to attend to some business first buy which occasion we were made acquainted with some very nice old gentlemen. I must not omit to mention that the clerk, who brought the letters for papa, when he learnt who we were, at once went ashore and fetched two beautiful flower bouquets which he presented us with, that is Elsbeth and me. We were highly pleased with such delicate attention and could not help feeling very friendly towards such people. We now went to a jewelry shop where some time ago papa bought a necklace for me; which turned out to be too small. We got it changed and I also completed my set of silver jewelry by getting some more bracelets, a broach and earrings. Of course Elsbeth got also what she wanted to complete her set of double marguerites which are very becoming especially on a velvet dress. Now for a stroll through the city……(To be continued)

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