July 26th, Continued

“July 26th Continued,

Now we are in an Oleander grove; the trees all in flower, then under Magnolias then nothing else but camellias then roses; then we are in wilderness again. Everywhere we go to there we meet a surprise. Where ever there is a fine view, kiosks are erected and not two of them alike; but Turkish, Chinese, etc. There are cascades and some where the water falls a good distance. But we are always climbing upwards and at last reach the summit where there is a small castle built as they used to be in the middle-ages. We looked at all the rooms and the old armor, some of them contained and after mounting a winding staircase we found ourselves on the top of the castle where there were buttresses. Yet we mounted higher still on outside staircases but well protected by iron railings till we reached the place where the old knights had a lookout kept and here we had a magnificent view. When we left the castle we went down, always down and came to a large cave artificially made. Here we wandered about till we came to the water’s edge where we sat down on stone benches. All at once a gondola came round one of the corners. We stepped on board and were rowed about in the grotto. When we left it we were in a little lake in the center of which is a temple of the Diana, made of white marble. Though an opening in the shrubs we had a glimpse of the sea, the level of which was at least some two hundred feet lower than that of the lake. That was a splendid row…..”

 (Sally here: I’ve been trying to find a picture or some information on the castle she describes above. I can find a lot of info on the garden’s themselves and the lake she talked about rowing in but the castle is still a mystery to me….)


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