July 26th, 1881 Continued

“July 26th Continued,

At last we landed, were received by our former guide and led into the Temple of Flora. This building is magnificent. The glass doors alone are something worth seeing. Here we inscribed our names in a book kept for that purpose, that is Elsbeth and I. (Sally here: wouldn’t I love to have that book). From the Temple of Flora where the most beautiful flowers were to be seen, especially some nightshades, and amongst those a plant where the leaves appeared to wither whenever touched, we went first to a Turkish Kiosk made out of bronze where we had a view of the lake and the two Temples previously described. Then we were invited to enter an arbor where we got wet with a fine spray and when we were running out another spray met us. Close by is a little labyrinth where when the water is turned on the spray goes along every walk. We had much fun. A little farther on, close to the lake, we crossed a bridge and found a swing. Anyone getting a swing gets wet whenever the water is turned on. Of course people looking at it laughed when more water is turned on and all get wet. The only escape being over the bridge. But even here they get wet. We met here some twenty young ladies out of a boarding school with two lady teachers that enjoyed themselves thoroughly and were screaming with delight when ever they got wet; also three priests. Near the bridge was a camphor tree, the fallen leaves of which when squeezed smell like camphor. We now returned to Pegli…..


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