July 16th, 1881

Sestri“July 26th, Continued,

We now returned to Pegli where we found the tramway car and went to Sestri, where we had some iced waters in the hotel of the grotto, a cave similar to that in the garden. Then we had a walk through Sestri and saw lots of ladies either going to bathe or coming from bathing till we were taken up by the next tramcar. When we arrived in Genoa, we went on board and dined. After diner we dressed in our velvets and drove to a photographer where papa had our likenesses taken in two positions. That establishment is very large, splendidly furnished waiting saloons, a large flower garden, etc. When we were finished we had first some ices and then papa bought us sunshades and umbrellas, the Genoese silk being famous; then we went back on board. We left the harbor of Genoa at 6 P.M. and after we had taken a long look at it, as it by the by disappeared and bid farewell to it, not likely to see it again, we retired to bed being dead beat by our Genoa dissipations.”

 (The photo shown here is of Sestri probably in the early 1900’s. Can you imagine what it looked like when Ernestine was there in 1881; fabulous I’m sure)

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