July 27th & 28th, 1881

Again, forgive the delay. I think about posting all the time but my grandbabies keep me very busy. A good thing though. I started to blog now from the 1923 Hawaiian Trip and if you’re interested in taking that trip just click into the title “20th Century Diaries” on the right hand side of this page under “BLOGROLL” and you’ll find it. I’m really going to try and be more faithful because I want to keep Ernestine’s trip fresh in your mind…and with that said, time to get back on board the steamship Acadia….

 “July 27th, 1881

The sea was calm and we glided along nicely. We passed several islands close by and I was especially interested in Elba, where Napoleon Bona parte was banished and whence he escaped. In the afternoon we passed Civitavecchia and Ostia but could not see Rome, it being a little hazy over the land from the heat. Tonight we are to pass another group of islands, also Monte Circello where the famous Goddess Circe used to live, as papa told us. Tomorrow morning we shall see the entrance to the beautiful bay of Naples and the islands Ischia, Procida and Capri.”

 (Sally here: Supposedly ancient literature tells us that the Goddess Circe would turn men into animals, among other things)


“July 27th, 1881

This morning I was called at 5 o’clock and when I went on deck I saw the beautiful bay of Naples before me and Mount Vesuvius a little to the right. Soon we went into the harbor, where we had a better view of Mount Vesuvius. There was a slight smoke rising from the crater, which is one mile in circumference. After breakfast papa took us first to the office and then to see some of his friends. He left us with one of them, Mr. Heinemann, a German gentleman whilst he went to get his hair cut. When he came back we returned on board, after having had some ices. Mr. Heinemann accompanied us. On board there was quite a fair, lots of people being there, some selling jewelry, corals, lava, cameos, other; pictures, walking sticks, chairs, Sorrento wood works, etc. We bought a few things and then had dinner. It being very warm we stayed on board till after tea, when we went ashore and drove to the Villa in company of Mr. Hall one of papa’s friends. The Villa means large gardens situated along the coast and two miles long. They are splendidly laid out and beautifully lighted with large carriage drives all around them where all the nobility and gentry drive before dinner, that is six o’clock. Almost in the centre of these gardens is a splendid music stand, surrounded by coffee houses. Every night after 9 o’clock there is a concert. After having had some refreshments, we sat down, listened to the music and looked at the people promenading up and down. It was nearly twelve o’clock when we returned back on board.”

(Sally here: Can you just imagine riding in a carriage through the Villa in 1881!!!)

Villas Bay of Naples

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