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Just a little reminder for anyone that is new to my blogs I have several diaries that I’ve already finished blogging and some others that I’m in the process of blogging. Any of them can be found by clicking into their title at the right hand side of this screen (sidebar) under the title “BLOG ROLL”. It’s a bit confusing how to locate them sometimes so I’m going to try and make it easier here. Always look at the top of the screen to see which of my diary pages you are on. I have a “Sallysdiaries” page, a “Sallysdiaries2” page, a “20th Century Diaries” page and then a “19th Century Travel Diaries” page. Any of the diaries below can be accessed if you know what their title is. They are as follows…..

 1) A 1912 diary of one young couples (lovers) time spent in England touring the country side. This one is located under the blog page just titled “Sallysdiaries” and you just have to scroll down all the way to the beginning of that page because it’s the one I actually started this entire blogging adventure with. If you are on another one of my blog sites you can get back to this diary by looking under to the right and under BLOG ROLL it has a title “Summer of 1912” or “Sallysdiaries” as a link.

 2) An 1887 diary written by Edith Vanderbilt (from the famous Vanderbilt family). This one is also located under “Sallysdiaries” and is the one I blogged about right after the one above, the 1912 England diary. Depending on which of my blog sites you are on its title under the Blog Roll is “Edith Vanderbilt’s 1887 Diary” or just “Sallysdiaries”. 

 3) A 1927 diary of a man who lost his wife and child during childbirth. This is a very deep emotionally written journal. Its title is “John’s 1927 Grief Diary” and can be found using that title under the BLOG ROLL or also by the blog name “Sallysdiaries2.”

 4) A 1934 “thrilling” diary (and I don’t mean that lightly), written by a young woman who started dating a real life mobster (unbeknownst to her in the beginning). Murder, guns, hidden compartments, strange cars watching the house, briefcase full of money; it has it all. This one can be found under the “20th Century Diaries” page. You’ll have to scroll down to the beginning of that page and look under older posts. (I blogged from this diary before the #6 below. So if you’re on the Hawaiian diary blog page, you’re in the right place for the “Gangster Girlfriends Diary.”)

 5) An 1881 Travel diary written by a young girl while on board a ship sailing to American with her sister. Her father is also the captain of the ship. Fabulous entries concerning the sites along the way. This one can be found under the heading “19th Century Travel Diaries”.

 6) Finally a 1927 diary of a couple on board a ship heading to Hawaii and also their time spent in Hawaii. Lots of original photos from the trip too are posted with this blog. This one can be found under the heading “20th Century Diaries.”

      I know it might be a bit confusing and I’m in the process of making this all a bit easier. For those of you who have been following my blogs I’ll be adding new posts for all of them tomorrow or the next day for sure. And thank you all for going on these adventures with me!

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