July 31st, 1883

“July 31st,

Early this morning we left Naples for Castellammare where we arrived at 6 A.M. It is situated right at the head of the Gulf of Naples, opposite a little town called Torre Annunziata and only 6 miles from Pompeii. Castellammare was also destroyed along with Herculaneum where at present Portici stands and Pompeii and was then called Stabia. It lies very picturesque at the foot of a high mountain. After breakfast papa took us ashore, hired a carriage and we had a beautiful drive up the mountain as far as the grounds belonging to the royal palace where we found a great many fountains and where we had a nice walk, it being here shady and cool. We saw plantations of vines and a great many fig trees. When we returned we drove through Castellammare and had a good glimpse at Italian manners. They live mostly out of doors where they also follow their occupations. Papa intended to take is in the afternoon to Pompeii but he felt very badly and so we had to stay aboard. Still it was very nice sitting under the awnings, the ship being quite close to the shore and watching a lot of men and boys who were swimming all around us. In the evening watched Mount Vesuvius which we saw here from another direction, as in Naples. It looks peculiar to see the flames coming out. This side of Mount Vesuvius also looks as if it were on fire, owing to the lava that runs down this side of the mountain.”

(Sally here; This is where our girl is right now, in this Bay, with Mt.Vesuvius in the distance. This engraving was done in 1881, only 2 years earlier then the diary. Again, I can just picture her and her sister sitting on the deck of the ship, under the awnings, watching the men and boys swimming in the water below and Mt.Vesuvius. Oh what a life!!!)


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