August 1st, 1883

“August 1st,

Papa was still indisposed and could not take us to see Pompeii. We had to wait till the clerk from Naples, Mr. Giulis, came on board with whom papa sent us to Pompeii. We took a carriage and drove all the way but we did not enjoy our drive, the road being very dusty and bad. Pompeii had already reached a considerable age and was a flourishing town, where there was great commerce and the fine arts were held in great esteem when the volcano buried it beneath ashes and pumice stones to the depth of about 19 feet in the year 79. It remained buried 17 centuries when the excavations were begun and about half of it is excavated now. When we arrived we first got tickets and a guide who took us through the ruins. First we saw the ashes that buried Pompeii and then we went to a little museum that they have put up there. Here we saw a few people lying in the way they had been found, all turned to stone. After that we saw some of the houses of the richest men who used to live there. The walls and floors of those houses are all made of mosaic. Then we saw a prisoner who was still lying at his chain. After we had seen some wines and baker shops we drove to the largest theatre in Pompeii called the Amphe Theatre. When we had gone thought it we drove on board for dinner and stayed there the rest of the day.”

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