August 2nd & 3rd, 1883

“August 2nd,

Papa felt considerably better this morning and therefore he took us at noon to a bathing establishment. We went by boat perhaps ½ mile. On our arrival we found a great many people, ladies and gentlemen, in the water. We had to wait sometime till we could get rooms where to undress. We enjoyed our bath immensely, although we found it a little cold at first. Some of the Italian ladies were very good swimmers. After we had been in the water for some time, papa called our boat that was waiting for us and I took hold of a rope that was hanging over the stern when the boatman pulled away in the deep water. I was a little afraid but papa swam always close to my side. I never expected to enjoy bathing so much. When we returned on board we took our dinner with great appetite. At 4 o’clock the cargo being all discharge, we left for Leghorn (Sally here: which is now called Livorno) Papa took the vessel through the canal of Ischia where within a mile of Casamicciola and through the glasses we could see the destruction of the town. (Remember the Earthquake) Everything almost was lying in ruins and whole street and palaces had disappeared altogether. There were two Italian men of war lying close to the town, also several passenger steamers from Naples. There are several thousand people buried alive still below the ruins. They cannot get at them. That must be fearful. We went early to bed feeling rather tired.

 “August 3rd,

The sea being calm, we enjoyed our sail very much. After dinner we passed Elba again, also several small islands, the same, we saw when we came down from Genoa to Naples. It was 8 P.M. when we saw the lights of Leghorn and after 9 P.M. when papa entered the port and went to anchor in the outer harbor.”

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