August 5th, 1883

(Sally here: Again forgive the lapse in time with my blogs. I’m honestly planning on being more regular (at least once a week if not more) but for now I’m still dealing with my dear friend and her cancer. She is almost “home” however and it’s been an honor to watch her go through this with such amazing grace. Hang in there with me and I promise to share more entries on a regular basis, and with that said…..)

 “August 5th, Cont…..

Then we went back again to Leghorn and on board, where we arrived at 5 P.M. Papa having promised the day previous to the Rev. Mr. McFarlane to give the ship for the holding of a meeting, had the Quarterdeck under the awning handsomely decorated with flags and all the chairs and benches on the deck. At 6 P.M. Mr. McFarlane arrived accompanied by Mr. Henderson, his wife and several other ladies; also Miss Kate Bethel, Mr. Courtman and a German gentleman who is a teacher at a school in Leghorn. One of the ladies turned out to be a Miss Fuchs, a native of Danzig and we were very glad to become acquainted with her. She was very nice and amiable and educated the children of a very rich Greek merchant. We sat down and Mr. McFarlane commenced holding the meeting. We sang first “Rock of Ages” and after prayer, Mr. McFarlane preached on the necessity of the Saviour sacrificing himself to save men. Then we sang “Sweet by and bye” after which we had prayer again, especially for our safety and the safety of our dear ones at home. After having thanked papa for his courtesy in giving the ship and doing everything so nicely, the meeting was ended and we took leave from those people that returned with Mr. McFarlane, having made an appointment with Miss Fuchs to call on her next evening. Miss Kate stayed with us a little longer, when we all went ashore and had a dive in the marina, a public promenade where we listened to different bands of music. At 11 o’clock we went on board and retired to bed.”

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