August 6th & 7th, 1883

“August 6th,

Papa went along ashore after breakfast and returned at 11 A.M., and then we went by the boat to the bathing establishment and had a bath. The water was nice and warm and we enjoyed ourselves much that we scarcely could leave the water. After dinner Else and I went to visit the Misses Bethel and took our hats along with us to have them trimmed. We returned on board for tea and then went ashore again to call on Miss Fuchs, accompanied by Miss Kate and Mr. Courtman. We found her expecting us and we all took a walk to the Marina where we sat down, listened to the music and had some ices. At 10 o’clock we saw Miss Fuchs home and after having taken leave of the Misses Bethel, we went on board and to bed.”

 “August 7th,

Early this morning we left Leghorn for Palermo. The sea was calm; but the ship being light, the motion of the propeller was very disagreeable, so much, that Else and I were a little sick for which reason we went to bed early.”

 Palermo(The picture is an engraving of Palermo in 1880.)

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