August 8th, 1883

“August 8th,

This morning we rose at 6 A.M. and went on deck. We were not sick but still we did not feel very well. Papa says it will be better when the ship gets deeper. At noon we sighted a large island called Ustica which we passed close by at about 3 P.M. At the same time we saw the coast of Sicily and soon entered the bay of Palermo, after passing close to Monte Pellegrino, a high mountain. We were fortunate enough to anchor in the harbor before sunset so as to get pratique and permission to go ashore. Mr. Paolo Tagliavia, the ship chandler, after mooring the ship, took us ashore and papa went first to see a Mr. Torrente an old friend of his whom we knew having been visited by him in Glasgow. He as well as his relations were astonished to see Else and me knowing that as a rule relations of the captain were not allowed to go in the same ship with him. But we got a warm welcome and after partaking of wine and cakes and being introduced to some Greek ladies, we went to see some other friends of papa’s accompanied by Mr. Torrente who by the by is always called Pepino, his name being Giuseppe (Joseph). We were also heartily welcomed by this family, consisting of Mr., Isabella, his wife and 3 daughters, Rosolina, Sarina, and Adelaide, respectively 20, 18 and 13 years old. They were such nice people and so very glad to see us that we soon commenced to like them very much. Rosolina is a great pianist and gave us some splendid music. She also played a duet with her sister Sarina, called The Tramway Gallop, when they fastened some bells to their wrists. We stayed there very late and then returned on board and went to bed.”

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