August 9th, 1883

“August 9th,

As usually after breakfast papa took us ashore and first to see the agent Mr. Pietro Tagliavia to whom we were introduced and whose photo we have at home in our album. Then we returned on board, took our bathing dresses and went by boat to a bathing establishment where we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. The more so as papa got us some bladders with the assistance of which we could swim. Elsie especially swam beautifully but I was a little afraid. After dinner Pepino took us to see the Independente, one of Florio’s steamers that had only arrived a few days previous from Glasgow. She is a fine boat with a nice cabin, but different from the large steamers of the Anchor Line. Then we went ashore to Isabella’s, according to an invitation, where we had to play a little. I was rather nervous having had no practice lately and they knowing so much about music but managed better than I expected. At 10 o’clock we went to the Marina to listen to the music, where we saw all the fine world in carriages as well as walking. After having had some ices, we accompanied Isabella’s home and drove on board.”

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