August 10th, 1883

“August 10th,

Although we accompanied papa to the office, I did not feel well, the ice I took last night having disagreed with me. We went to see the family Torrente and were presented by Signora Maria Briach, an aunt of Pepino with 2 pretty bows. Mrs. Torrente sent for a carriage and took us out to Villa Reale, a most beautiful drive. We were accompanied by Alfredo Torrente, a very tall young man of 15 and the youngest brother of Pepino. Villa Reale lies at the foot of Monte Pellegrino and has splendid grounds. We visited the Villa, which we admired very much. There were different suites of rooms in the Turkish, Chinese, Greek and old Pompeian style and we saw the bedrooms of the king and queen. After looking at everything we returned to the port and accompanied Mrs. Torrente on board the Independente where we met Pepino. Here we separated and went on board. This night papa took us to the circus, the first we have seen and we were much pleased with the performances. Among the riders were especially two little boys, the sons of the director, who amused us very much, also Miss Tenolia, an Indian girl, who did some aerial business. I was so delighted with the circus, that I forgot all about my sickness and felt quite well when I went to bed.”

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