August 11th, 1883

“August 11th,

When papa returned from the agent, we went by boat to the bathing establishment where we had a beautiful swim, that is to say Else and papa. I was always afraid of lifting my feet from the ground and papa took me often in deep water always against my will. The water in the Mediterranean is so nice and clear and we always enjoy our bath so much that we are always sorry to leave the water. When we returned on board we dressed for dinner, being invited to dine with Mrs. Torrente, where we arrived at 5 o’clock. Else and I did not think much of an Italian dinner, although it was very grand, not caring much about the macaroni. But there were some dishes we liked very much, also some wines, sweetmeats and splendid fruit. After dinner we had coffee and the gentlemen cigars. At 10 o’clock we went accompanied by Pipino to the garden Giulia where we met the family Isabella. This garden was beautifully illuminated and concert was played by two bands in two different places. We walked through the garden and when tired, sat down to listen to the music. At midnight we left and returned to the boat.”

 (Sally here: This all sounds so romantic and so much like a fantasy. Swimming in the Mediterranean, afterwards enjoying an amazing Italian dinner then strolling through an “illuminated” park until midnight and finally returning to sleep on the ship; oh to be back in 1883 if only for a moment.)

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