August 12th, 1883

Well, the holidays kept me very busy as I’m sure it did all of you. My New Years resolution (one of them at least) is to try and post diary excerpts on my blog more regularly. We’ll see how I do. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and it’s time to get back on the ship……

“August 12th, ,

This being Sunday, papa went ashore to call on Isabella’s, by whom we were invited to dine with. We liked this dinner much better. I am very fond of these people, so much so that I gave a bracelet to Rosolina for a keepsake. Of course Elizabeth gave one to Sarina. After dinner, we had some fine music, and Rosolina played a very difficult piece, only with the left hand, but if you had not known it, you would have thought that a duet was being played. We had also a little dancing. I have forgotten to mention that Pepino is engaged to be married to the sister of Mrs. Isabella, Miss Philippina Arangi, but always called Fifi. This lady is very beautiful and well accomplished and was kind to us especially to me. At 10 o’clock we went on board.”

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