August 14th & 15th, 1883

“August 14th,

Papa got orders this morning to prepare for steerage passengers that he is going to get at Naples. We went ashore, took leave from Torrente and then went to Isabellas during which time papa finished his business. We were very kindly received by them and afterwards taken out of town to see the famous garden of Serra di Falco but admittance being refused we visited the garden of Mr. Floris instead where we soon were joined by papa. The garden is magnificent and we were amused amongst other things by a large monkey, who was very glad to see us and seemed to be sorry when we left. In the afternoon some artists belonging to the circus, American, Belgian and French, came to see papa and to have a good glass of beer. At 7 o’clock we left for Naples and being very tired we soon went to bed.”

 “August 15th,

At 9 A.M. we sighted the high land of Sorrento, passed between it and the island of Capri at 1 P.M. where we saw in the water a natural arch formed by a large rock and arrived at 3 P.M. at Naples where we were received by Mr. Holme. Soon the passengers arrived and papa was very busy with arranging their accommodations that had partly to be made with Commissioners and Doctors, so that we cold not get ashore before 8 P.M. when we drove to the villa where there is a concert every evening and had some ices. But we soon retuned because papa had to leave during the night for Piano di Sorrento so we went to bed at 10 o’clock.”

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