August 16th, 1883

“August 16th,

After we had dressed in the morning, we went on deck and found the ship anchored close to very high land. The scenery was very fine; but we were the only ship there. After breakfast we went ashore. We had a tiresome walk, always in zigzag, till we reached the summit of the cliff when we walked a short distance to Piano di Sorrento where we took a carriage and drove to Sorrento. Papa intended to buy some silk stockings; but latterly bought only two pairs because the fellow that sold them tried to cheat papa. We could get no ices here so we returned in disgust on board with the intention not to go here ashore again. We amused ourselves watching our steerage passengers who are mostly country people. But amongst them is a Greek girl with her two brothers who have been in America before. This girl is rather interesting and has a little white dog that knows some tricks.”

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