August 17th & 18th 1883

(Forgive the delay. Have suffered with Vertigo for the past week or so and it makes it very difficult to read or write; to say the least. But I’m back…or I should say Ernestine is back….)

 “August 17th,

After breakfast we have up and went to Sorrento close by where we also took in some cargo. At 1 P.M. we left for Maiori in the gulf of Salerno, always steaming close to the shore, where we arrived at 4 P.M. Here the scenery was truly beautiful and we were anchored close to the towns, Amalfi, Minori and Maiori, all lying close to the sea, behind high mountains. But we did not go ashore, papa not liking to leave the ship in an open roadstead.”

 “August 18th,

Having to await further orders, we lay here till 7 o’clock, when papa got a telegram ordering him to call off Naples for the purpose of getting some Spanish papers and then to proceed to Spain. So we left and being afraid of getting seasick, there being high winds, we retired to bed; but we never got sick.”

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