August 19th, 1883

(Sally here: How strange is this; and kind of cool I might add. I’m blogging two other diaries at the same time I’m blogging this one. For those of you who don’t know about the others, one is from 1927 and is a man’s grief diary and one is from 1923 representing a trip to Hawaii. I never know how many days worth in these diaries that I’m going to type up and share at a time; it just depends on how long they are. So I just finished typing this entry up of Earnestine’s dated August 19th and then went to type up the next diary from 1927 and noticed that I’m also on August 19th. Thought that rather interesting…..) 

 “August 19th,

In the morning when we arose, we were surprised to see the ship in the port of Naples again, lying outside to anchor. But we soon got our papers and also an order to proceed to Malaga for which port we left at 9 A.M. In steaming along the finest coast in the world, we left Mount Vesuvius behind us and soon passed poor Ischia again. By this time we had become acquainted with some of the better class of our passengers, among them a young Neapolitan woman with a fine figure and fine eyes. She offered to dress Else’s hair of which offer I gladly accepted, always having had to do it myself. She has also a fine voice and sings whenever asked to do so. There is also an old Neapolitan woman, her neighbor, who is taken out by her son in law to rejoin her daughter in New York. Also a young girl from Massa, near Sorrento, who goes to New York to join her brother, who is an engineer. Papa permits these women to come aft, they being the most respectable, also the young Greek girl, above mentioned. There was a little sea and in consequence we all felt more or less sick. Else even vomited. But in the evening papa took us on deck and we quite enjoyed our tea.”

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