August 24th & 25th, 1883

August 24th,

It being very warm, more than at any Italian port where we have been, we did not go ashore all day but amused ourselves on board the best way we could. But in the evening we went ashore and took one of the Neapolitan women along with us to assist us in a little shopping. After finishing our business we had some ices first and then a long walk through the town, and a good look at all the different shops. Papa bought a couple of fans for Anna and Louise; also one for the Neapolitan woman, who accompanied us. Then we went to the circus again where we saw a better performance than on the previous night. We laughed a great deal and admired two English girls who performed on the trapeze, very much.”

 “August 25th,

We did not go ashore all day, it being still very hot. Papa bought us some slippers and two little white poodles. Late in the evening we left for Gibraltar. Owing to the great heat, we have seen very little of Malaga but the little we have seen pleased us very much. The harbor looks very well, and we had from the ship a good view of the town. I must not forget to mention that Mr. Sullivan presented us with a box of new raisins. He is also going to send a barrel of grapes home to mamma.”

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