August 26th – September 3rd, 1883

(Sally here: Again please forgive the long delay. I get so carried away reading and researching other diaries that I tend to put my blogging on the back burner. It seems ever day I’m living in a different year then 2014; oh how I love it. Time to get back to 1883…..)

 “August 26th,

We arrived in the bay of Gibraltar early in the morning and after having got pratique, we went alongside the hulk. Soon afterwards the S. S. Galatia, of our line, from Glasgow and Liverpool and bound for Calcutta arrived and we were introduced to the Capt. Allison who is a very nice gentleman. We dined with him on board the “Galatia”; papa being very busy. At 2 o’clock we had all the coals on board that we wanted and left for New York.” (She then skips a few days of writing)

 “September 3rd,

During the first days after leaving Gibraltar, Else and I were sea-sick again but in a mild way. We very soon recovered and were able to go on deck where we were often surprised to find us enjoying ourselves when the ship was rolling and pitching considerably. Our passengers also go soon over their sea sickness and used to amuse us a great deal.”

 J. D. Allison(Sally here: the photo show with this entry is a photo I found on the web taken of Captain J. D. Allison and his son. Remember he’s the ship Captain that they had dinner with on board the S. S. Galatia.

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