September 9th and 11th, 1883

“September 9th,

We have had fine weather all the time with the exception of Friday and Saturday when it was very foggy and rained a good deal. On Saturday we saw some flying fishes. They are like herrings but have large fins. They only fly when they are persecuted by dolphins. At 1 P.M. we saw one of the New York pilot boats, No. 1 and soon after the pilot, Mr. John Cooper, came on board; the first American we have seen. He proved to be very nice and gentlemanly and we had during the day and evening a long talk with him. He brought some New York papers and we were surprised to hear of great storms that have occurred in France and Italy because we have had fine weather all the time.”

“September 11th,

Yesterday the wind went round to the east and in consequence of it the weather became gloomy. We were much disappointed in not seeing the land. At last this morning after breakfast we were called on deck to see the Highlands, and soon afterwards, at about 11 o’clock we entered New York Bay by passing Sandy Hook on our left and Coney Island on our right hand. An hour later we anchored off Staten Island in a nice little bay where the health officers came on board and gave us pratique. Then we proceeded on our way and after seeing Brooklyn and the Suspension Bridge we sailed along New York City in the Hudson River up to Pier 46 where the ship was made fast…..”

 (Sally Here: In my next blog entry she starts describing New York City and it’s truly wonderful. Check out this amazing photo of the city in 1883; the year Ernestine was there….

Then at the bottom of the following web site is another view of New York City seen from the ocean; also in 1883. Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page on the web site;

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