September 11th & 12th, 1883

“September 11th, (Cont.)

We visited first one of papa’s friends, a Mr. Dickman, where I first tasted American Lager beer; after which we went to Mr. Sturz, another friend of papas. Here we were received very kindly, and soon commenced to like them very much. The family consists of Mr. Sturz, a nice old gentleman retired from business, his wife, about 25 years younger than her husband, one married son, his wife and children and 3 other sons. We also made the acquaintance of Mrs. Michael, the wife of another friend of papa’s. We stayed there till 11 o’clock when we returned on board having previously accepted an invitation to dine with them the day after tomorrow.”

 “September 12th,

Today it was raining continually so papa took us early in the morning ashore and bought us waterproofs, after which we went to the office by the elevated railroad. The cars are very long and comfortable. We stayed here a long time, till papa had finished his business. Before we returned on board papa took us to see another friend of his, a Scotch gentleman. We dined on board and then hurried ashore again to Niblo‘s Theatre to see a Matinee performance of a great ballet called Excelsior. Elsbeth and I were greatly delighted. In the evening we went to the Atlantic Garden in the Bowery where there was a concert by a band, mostly composed of ladies. We enjoyed it very much and then returned on board.”

 (Sally here: This is a great web site showing Niblo’s theatre (inside and out) and also giving a bit of history behind it.

Then there’s this fascinating bit of history. I just learnedfrom this web site that when it was demolished recently remnants of the Colonial era “Bulls Head Tavern” were found. The Bulls Head was built over in the late 19th Century for the grand Atlantic Garden’s Beer Hall )

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