September 13th, 1883

  • “September 13th,

    After papa had gone to the office, we had first a visit from the Neapolitan woman and her husband then from Mr. Cooper, the pilot, who brought us some pictures of the Brooklyn Suspension bridge and a photograph of his pilot cutter and last from Mr. Sturz, and Mr. and Mrs. Michel, who had come to take us ashore to spend the day with them. We waited a considerable time for papa and at last made up our mind to go when we met papa on the street. He had to go on board first so the gentlemen when along with him and Mrs. Michel took us home to Mrs. Sturz’s. The more we know them the more we like them. After the gentlemen had come home we went to dinner. The American houses are built in a very practical way. They all have basements where there is a kitchen and the dining room. Above that are the drawing rooms. In the first floor is the parlour and bedrooms of Mr. and Mrs. Sturz and in the upper stories bedrooms and sitting rooms of the rest of the family. We liked the dinner very much because the cooking is similar to what we are used to at home. After dinner we went upstairs to the parlour where we were introduced to the only daughter of Mr. Sturz, who is married and has two children, a girl of seven and a boy of five years of age. Mr. Sturz sent for his horse and carriage to take papa for a drive through the Central Park, the weather being too bad for us on account of the rain; but he got word back that the horse was sick. So the gentlemen went away to Harlem by the elevated railroad and did not return till 8 o’clock. In the meanwhile we amused ourselves splendidly and had music and lots of fun. They live quite in the American German style, and we had coffee and cakes in the afternoon and tea at 7 o’clock. The sons of Mr. Sturz are Fritz, who is married, then Willie, Gussie and Louis. Willie is the favorite of Mr. Sturz having been a very little boy when his first wife died. He plays very well and has had lessons for eight years. When the gentlemen returned, we enjoyed ourselves in the drawing room having music, singing and drinking Rhine wine. It was pretty late when we went on board.”

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