September 14th, 1883

 “September 14th,

This morning we were visited by Mr. Sturz, Fritz and Willie when we made an appointment to meet in a restaurant at 2 o’clock, close to the Gates of Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, the largest and finest cemetery in the world. We accompanied papa to the office and then crossed the East River in a ferry boat which I have described before. Arrived on the other side, we boarded a tramway car that took us right to the gate of the cemetery, a distance of six miles. We went to the restaurant, had some lunch and were soon joined by Mr. and Mrs. Sturz and Willie. We had a walk through the cemetery first. It is just like a large park, beautifully laid out and full of large monuments. We also saw the grave of the first wife of Mr. Sturz, the mother of Willie. After having seen the greatest part of the cemetery we went to the railway station close by and took tickets for Coney Island, which we reached in twenty minutes. The day was very fine and owing to that there were a good many people at West Brighton as this part of Coney Island is called, but anyone could see that the season was over….”

 (Sally here: Check out this photo of Greenwood Cemetery. It dates around the time when Ernestine was there. Oh my goodness, look at the ships in the harbor in the distance. Fabulous)

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