September 14th, 1883

September 14th, Cont…. (New York-Brooklyn Suspension Bridge)

This is a fearful large structure and of course we had to walk over it. By this time it was quite dark, but we did not mind it because the bridge is magnificently lighted by electric light. The bridge is divided lengthwise in 5 parts, all separated The outer parts are used by vehicles of every description that only go the same way, the two inner parts by railway cars that are drawn across by means of wire ropes, and the innermost part is used as footpath and is about twenty feet broad. The whole length of the bridge is ten thousand feet and is not only used by people who cross it on business, but also as a promenade. It took us exactly 40 minutes to go across. The bridge is, I believe, 200 feet above the surface of the water. Arrived at the New York side, and had some refreshments in a restaurant and then went on board.”

 (Sally here: I just realized that the Brooklyn Bridge was actually completed the same year Ernestine was in New York. Her descriptions of it are simply amazing. Check out these fabulous photos. They were taken about the time she is there (and a few years later) and they show exactly what she is talking about. Notice the people on the middle on the promenade. Can you imagine????

and then this one…

and this one….

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