September 15th, 1883 Goodbye Ernestine!!

Sally here: I’m sad because we only have two more days left of Ernestine’s diary entries. Seems she decided not to keep up with her diary entries after she left New York. So here are her last two entries and then I’ll have to decide which diary to blog next. Hope you enjoyed Ernestine and her adventures. And remember I have two other diaries going on my other blogs if you don’t already know that. Now time to bid farewell to Ernestine…..

“September 15th, 1883.

After breakfast we packed our trunks, which papa sent round to the Bolivia with which boat we have to go home, and then went round ourselves. Papa introduced us to Mrs. Forsyth, the stewardess, to Mr. Brown, the Purser, Mr. Mc Farlane the Chief Officer and last to Capt. Donaldson, who invited us to dine with him at 2 o’clock. By this time Mr. and Mrs. Sturz, Willie and Mr. Michael had come to see us off. We showed them round on board and they were much pleased with everything they saw. At 4 o’clock we left the pier, and started on our trip homewards, waving our handkerchiefs to our friends on the pier-head. Good-bye New York.”

 (Sally here: Engraving of the Steamship Bolivia. )

 “September 30th, 1883. The voyage home was very pleasant, especially as there were a great many passengers. We did not suffer at all from sea-sickness and therefore enjoyed ourselves very much with different kinds of games and music. On Sunday forenoon we had service as there were two ministers on board, both passengers. At last after a voyage of twelve days we arrived in Glasgow but we did not go ashore till the next morning as it was midnight. We were very glad to be home again, although we have had a very pleasant voyage.”

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