A Glimpse into the Past & (her) Present of Louisa Leggett Ransom

Well, I found her, our next storyteller, and this remarkable woman has the kind of life one only dreams of. She also lived the kind of life one would never wish to have. Confusing??? Well let me explain. Her name is Louisa L. (Leggett) Ransom and she was born in 1845. I believe that because she experienced so many heart-wrenching family deaths before the age of 45, she decided to set out on a world tour which lasted (almost) up until the day she died in 1926. I can only imagine the reasons why she left everything behind and boarded a grand ocean liner for lands unknown. I assume one of those reasons was to get away from the intense grief that must have consumed her for so many years. Louisa’s diary and scrapbook are full of personal photos showing her dressed in every kind of costume imaginable and all depending on which country and situation she found herself in. I will include all those photos here as her trip progresses. In fact most of her incredible experiences are told in a photographic form, but she does add handwritten notes here and there. As her fantastic story unfolds, she begins with an article written about her grandfather Samuel Leggett (b. 1782 d. 1847) which in part reads…..

“Down in the lower East Side of the city, none other than Cherry Street, in fact, on the side of his old residence, stands today one of the abutments of the Brooklyn Bridge, undesignedly there as a monument to Samuel Leggett, one of the pioneers of the gas industry in this country. Mr. Leggett’s house was No. 7 Cherry Street, a pretentions, red brick dwelling, at that time, 1823, in an aristocratic neighborhood, and it was in that house that gas was first used in New York City for the purposes of illumination. But a stone’s throw from Mr. Leggett’s house, and at No. 1 Cherry Street, George Washington made his New York residence after his inauguration as President in 1789…”

And thus begins our adventures of Louisa L. Leggett Ransom…..
Louisa Leggett 001

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