Family Home

This is such an incredible photo to me. It’s on the next page of Louisa’s scrapbook and it’s an original photo of the house she grew up in. It’s large too measuring about 7 ½” x 9”. Here is the caption that is written underneath it….

“My father and mother’s house and home. N. W. Cor. St. Mark’s Place and 2nd Ave. N.Y. City in which I, one of the eight, was born.”

Notice the very tall street lamp. It’s amazing isn’t it. The house is also amazing. Wish I could see inside…..
Louisa Leggett

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2 Responses to Family Home

  1. Debra Brown says:

    Hello – I’ve just found your blog. I’ve always loved reading diaries of “ordinary” people of the past. Whenever I come across pictures of the glorious buildings I try to find out if they’re still around. Sadly, I believe this beautiful home – the birthplace of Louisa, is no more. I’m quite sure this is what is now in it’s place. I would only hope that it is for good reason that a monstrosity such as what is now in place was due to an act of nature alone. If you look closely, the building next door has managed to hang on.,-73.987663,3a,48.9y,337.67h,100.73t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sHt-QbbCApVJsan5Q-bvOPA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

    • Please forgive the long delay in getting back to you Debra. I’m working on the next step for my diary business which has meant a lot of travel lately. However, I LOVE that you found this building. I LOVE it!!!!! Oh my gosh, you’re amazing. I’ve been following a person on instagram who posts “then and Now” photos and it’s exactly like what you just showed me. I’m still in amazement that you found it. I would love to post this with the then and now photo on my blog (when I figure out how to do it). Thank you so much for your efforts and contacting me. Sally

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