Louisa’s Family Home & Garden

“And now, turning to the following pages, you may picture us almost in the country, as 61st St., even in the last quarter of the last century, was on the outskirts of the city. Within our garden spot of several acres were passed all the early years of my life, sporting within the midst of flowers and with animals; the former loved, the latter love, tho yet feared even, perhaps, unto this day, as memory recalls the many times I was chased by cow, bull, gander and even dog, which, though forming unto themselves a Happy Animal Kingdom, gave little tolerance to poor little me, steeped in youthful ignorance of their harmlessness if not annoyed by youthful pranks. Within this enclosure were two large double width houses. My grandparents home, in which we lived and that of my mother’s brother, Uncle John C. Hull and family. These houses separated by about 100 ft. of greensward, were on high ground, overlooking gravel walks and several terraces, sloping in a long lawn to the river’s edge where were the family boat houses.”

(Sally Here: Some of the photos I’ll be sharing now and in the next few blogs are of her home including some with the family members in the yard, on the porch, and in the garden. Some of her photos have faded a bit but they are still absolutely amazing.)

Louisa's Family Home 002

Louisa's Family Home

Louisa's Family Home 001

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