Carrie and the Convent

“Carries uncertain health needed the most carful and constant consideration. Battling with inclement weather when attending school ever multiplied her coughs and colds and so boarding school became the sole resource. I first placed her with a friend of her mother’s at Yonkers N.Y. But a full year’s trial failing so I transferred her, for care and study, to the Sacred Heart Convent, W. 125th St. N. Y. City, where there was a special dormitory with special nurse’s always in attendance upon the ill and ailing. During her seven happy and profitable numbers with those kind “sisters” I kept up her home interests by weekly visits to her, Thursday and Sunday, she coming always home to me for the summer months. Her good records in study and in deportment while at the Convent, soon won for her the “Blue Ribbon” which she wore everyday and won afresh every year. The weaning of the veil however, was required during chapel service only.”
Carrie at Convent

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