“Our Marriage”

“Our marriage took place June 8th, 1886. Auntie and Uncle Bruce gave us our wedding and so it was that the home, 121 E. 28th St. NYC, so recently saddened by the death of the two dear boys, became for a brief time, at least, the scene of a joyful family gathering.”

(Sally here. Below is a photo showing a telegram with the title, “Auction Sale” and I’m not sure if it is big enough to read so this is what it says….)

“Auction Sale. Wednesday 5 P.M. By order of Cupid. Salesman Booth. 1 Case Ransom best grade. 1 Case Leggett super quality. The lots will not be divided. No choice or privilege, both sold in one lot together. What is bid? Stop, included in the sale will be free tickets to Lake Champlain. What say you. One million of you will sell the Leggitt lot separately. No, they must go together. Then I fear the million lost is to be give away by whom? Uncle John. June 8th, 1886.
Written on a telegram blank, the day of my marriage to Mr. Ransom by my Uncle T. Bruce. Age 80, at whose home our wedding took place. Lake Champlain. Marked the beginning of our wedding trip.”

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