The death of her husband

“As marriage usually brings a change of home and environment so it was with me but not for long. As the “Silent Messenger” ever on my trail, spared me my husband but five short years. Then once again I was alone! Mr. Ransom passed suddenly from heart trouble, August 2nd, 1891. Oh! the sorrow of it!”

“I am alone, alone! Father, mother, Sarah, Aunt Annie, the two boys and now my husband. All gone! But time continues on and on and on. Carrie becomes of age with her 21st birthday my official guardianship ceases. But that makes little difference! The dear child has no other caretaker than I and now that I am alone, alone, I have no other companion than she.”

(Sally here: Can you imagine what this woman has been through. Oh my goodness. And now, finally, her wonderful traveling adventures are just beginning, the adventures she deserves so much…..)

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