To Carrie on her 21st birthday.

(Sally here: So sorry for the long delay. I took a trip to California to attend a very special symphony. I have always been in love with J. R. R. Tolkien and his books The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. So in San Jose they had a very rare performance called, Live to Projection. It’s where they play the movie (Lord of the Rings; all three) on a 48ft screen and the choir and symphony play and sing the soundtrack while you are watching the movie. Simply amazing. Wish I could watch all my favorite movies that way….Now to Louisa. Her traveling adventures are almost here but before she goes and we continue on with that part of her life, I want to quote in the next few days the original poem she wrote to Carrie on her departing. It’s written in a 9 page booklet and tied with a beautiful teal colored ribbon. It will seem strange to read it here in this blog because of how blogs read (from bottom to top usually) so I’ve numbered the segments if you’ve come to this blog late.
(PART 1)
“To Carrie on her 21st birthday. When I signed at White Plains, N. Y. my release as guardian.
Tis come at last the anniversary day, which takes thee from thy childhood, dear, away
And leads thee onward thru life’s broader field; the fruits of noble womanhood to yield.
Then ring out loudly for my foster child, the bell of greeting on this bright morn
And may each peal resounding on the summer air and dying in the distance return an echo here.
Of resolution taken by my darling one, to fight bravely life’s hard battles till the victory be won.
But ere, my child, we loose the bond which held joys and tears.
Suppose we take a backward look o’re some of those past years!
So come, sit very close, my dear, let Auntie talk to thee. Thou may have forgotten, child, the hour with thee and me.
But what ever thy memory brings let such memory be. Enshrined within the surety, my love surrounded thee.

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