To Carrie (Part 2)

Thou was but a babe in arms, and sister not yet two, when your mother on her death bed left me both of you. Almost baby twins you were, when I but in my teens, began a little mother’s part in all which that part means. By birth, dear hearts, you both were frail, no well day did you know. A sorry outlook given you, the world’s hard part to go. To sister twas a weakened heart, to thee consumption trend and as it was from those dread foes I had you to defend. I tried to do my duty, twas a pleasure too as well, but oh! The anxious moments, no one can ever tell. I watched you from your cradle, taught you both to talk and guided your dear little feet when you began to walk. And often at the close of day your infant joys would charm, play hide and seek and Peek-a-boo behind the nursery chair. I watched you two, in illness, glad to sooth your pain as sitting by your pillow o’er and o’er again. I’d tell you pretty stories or bath your aching head as to and fro you’d rest your torso upon your tiny bed. And grandma too, was often there a ready hand to lend, your little joys and woes to share and be her darling’s friend. Oh! Many times I saw her strive, tho weak and saddened love, to do for her dear orphans, just one, just one thing more. So pale and wan her cheek was oft, still she labored on, but hark! a voice from heaven came and Grandma’s work was done!

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