To Carrie (Part 3)

(PART 3)
God quick his beloved sleep. Grandma was at rest. Her ever busy, loving hands were folded on her breast. Here dear eyes closed, no more to open to look on thee and me, for sisters Sarah still was here; we then numbered three. Your care now fell on me alone, advice came from the many, but helping hand or helping purse came not along from any. Time passed, your baby accents ceased, girlhood’s years begin and fast they fled as one by one their varying verdict ran. Illness was ever upper most tho you were very brave and who with my heart and hand much of courage gave. Yet, time relentless hurried on, years counted to eleven. Then came a second messenger from out the hosts of heaven and claiming one of them our two band bore her onward to the Blessed land. This time was sister, so young, so pure and sweet, fit company for angels, but oh! twas hard to meet. The summons for her going and know that nevermore, we’d hear her merry laughter or her step upon the floor. My heart was well near breaking; twas the overflowing drop. In my cup of sorrow so filled to the top. But cease my pain, cease too my bleeding heart, remember although saddened, life’s chains of her they part. Remember too, our Father knows always what is best then up and do they duty and leave to God the rest.

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