To Carrie Part 4

(PART 4)
And so the years went slowly by for thee dear child and me, and though those years I’ve ever tried a faithful guild to be. But now my guardianship is o’re, is numbered with the past. As to the age of womanhood, thou last come, my child at last. Yet, let me hope thou the ever best and his guidance too, by the earnest words of council received from Auntie Lou. And as through all thy childhood she has been thy faithful friend, in years to come she’ll ever try thy welfare to defend. For think not, dear, thy days will be quite free from toil and strife, yet, thy Auntie’s soulful wish for thee, that peaceful path be thine to entwine. May no invading sorrow ever intervene to dim thy hopes or mar they beauty of the scene. May gentle zelhins fan thy youthful brow and on thy pathway peace and plenty flow. May love and meekness on they bosom rest and virtue hold its empire in thy breast. Then on thy way with light refulgent shine and wreaths of Holy Blessings round thy temples twine. And now goodbye, my baby, I must call thee so once more, before o’re all the happy past we close the nursery door. Good bye, good bye, my baby, good bye my fastening care, yet in all they future let Auntie have a share. For the sake of Auld Lang Syne, the many years now past, in guiding thee into the goal of womanhood at last. Today my guardianship is o’er thy pathways to the world, but may thy marching banner never be unfurled. Pray to earnest resolution that life’s setting sun, may shed on thee God’s blessing, the promised victory now. And now fall many blessings do I ask upon they head, and in they hours of slumber may angel’s guard they bed. May all good thing together strewn thy past around, and in they daily record my God’s holy name be found. And as thee asks His blessing, may in they record too, for the sake of all I’ve been to thee, forget not Auntie Lou.”
(Sally here: What a tribute to her sweet Caroline. And now the incredible adventures begin……

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