Carrie Gets Married

Louisa and Camel

(Sally here: I have always had a love for Egypt, especially during the turn of the century and into the 1920’s when travelers could venture out on camels and experience the ruins and pyramids up close…..just as this photo of Louisa depicts)

“Home again not for long. My guardianship over Carrie had been closed quite awhile, but she was not to remain a free lance for Hymen the busy God of marriage decreed differently and finds her a guardian for life in one Albert-Leon Ruchmann. At the time of the contract, I was in far away Cairo, Egypt. Events were speeding. The 28th at home was to be broken up. Carrie’s marriage was to be in the near future; so I turning away from my contemplated trip to Palestine with my friends, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey, hurried home that I might tender to my charge of so many, many years, the service of giving her into the care of her lawful husband to be; and be faithful on my part unto the final chapter of my close life with her and for her as Carrie L. Mitchell.”

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