Reverend Grier

(Sally here: Forgive yet another delay. My daughter Cass (or I should say “tropical storm Cass” I call her) just arrived for a two week stay and I’ve been helping her with her Antique booth at a show last weekend in Portland. She’s got so much energy, fills my house with all kinds of vintage clothing and by the time she leaves I’m exhausted. BUT, I wish she would stay forever as we are so close and I love having her here. So with all that said, here’s Louisa…..)

“Then came, by call, the Reverend Albert C. Grier from Spokane Washington, that city of big apples, big men, big souls, in a word, of all that was big which nature gave or by mortal man was made; and we believed because we believed in their sponsor, our dear Rev. Grier. But this dear Rev. being still in life and in faithful service for the Kingdom, here in New York, I leave you to go hear him and to work with him while it is day and to judge of him both as Rev. and as man. But permit me to preface that judgment by saying that he ahs been my cherished Pastor ever since one happy June 30th, 1926 when he graciously gave me the Hand of Fellowship with his flock and did so while recognizing in love and brotherhood my inborn Quakerism. How it all came about may be read in the following lines…..

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