Merry Christmas 2015

I’ll be back to my regular diary postings by next week, hopefully before the New Year. I wanted to share one of my favorite vintage Christmas postcards with you. I loved the Ivy design so much that I blew it up on a transfer and attached it to my walls. I live in an old bungalow house and the design fit right in (and having my married name be Ivey, well that’s even better.) The black and white photograph on the side of my mantel is the one of my great grandmother who sailed to Europe with other Gold Star Mother’s to pay tribute to her son who was killed on board the SS Cyclops. The Cyclops was a military ship that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle during WWI.

I have so many new diary projects for the coming New Year, including a book that I’ve been writing about my adventures in collecting. I really hope I can finally bring all of them to fruition. Merry Christmas to you all and I hope we all have an amazing New Year.

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