Let the adventures begin

(Sally here: Forgive the long delay. The holidays really kept me busy, too busy. I’m going to try to be better at regular posts. Really I am…..)

“The foregoing pages cover years, years and years of sunshine, of shadow and many sad tears; yet of such is life: it comes and it goes. With joy and with sorrow and love overflows, I’ve felt each and all, but let that now rest, while memory sweet recalls the hours blest. By travel abroad, hope’s banner unfurled, brining surcease of sorrow this “God’s wonder world. But travel is past now I’m alone with my self. Yet taking my album down from the shelf and turning it leaves page after page, I review all the past from youth into age. Through photos, haphazard, or by design, taken at home or abroad, yet I’m in every time. Then turn to the photos; tho remember the while, they, too, cover years as onward they file. But at home we’ll remain this many a page, then over seas your interest engage!”

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