All Aboard

(Sally here: Well, It’s been a while hasn’t since my last entry. I keep saying I’m going to get better but this new adventure of mine is keeping me pretty busy. Part of this adventure that I’m embarking on is that I’m in the process of reading, researching and cataloging all the diaries in my private collection; no easy task but I’m having so much fun doing so. BUT, I’m not giving up on my blogs and hopefully this new project of mine will enable me to share more and more diaries. I appreciate all your patience with me. Sal)

“And now long enough have I stayed at home, I’m tried of self and would onward roam.

So boarding a steamer with many flags gay, I’ll off to the folk across the way.

Not once, nor even twice, but several times, crossing the ocean by various lines.

I’ll over to Europe, Egypt, Japan, and gather from each the joy that I can.

To brighten these all alone days of mine, tho never forgetting the sorrows of time.

For sorrows are life’s refining plan, bringing closer to God the heart of man.”Louisa The Ship

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