(Sally here: Again, I make apologies for not blogging sooner. My world has been a bit full lately concerning my diary business. I can’t say exactly right now what I’ve been doing but my adventures might make it possible for me to share my diaries in a bigger way. Lots of meetings lately and in November I head to England for more meetings. So, with that said, I’ve been a busy, and very excited girl. More to come on that subject but really more importantly, it’s Louisa’s turn. And check out Louisa’s photo in the upper right hand corner. Is it really her in this outfit or did she superimpose her head, I honestly can’t tell. Her writing says, “Whoever casts a coin in here will come to Rome another year. The coins are collected yearly and given to the poor.” and “The sacred Bambino carried to the sick with prayer and blessing.”)

Louisa Rome




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